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[Splide] How to create a simple slider with Splide.js

splide slider

It seems that Splide.js currently boasts three times the hits of the popular slider library, Swiper.js.In this article, we will describe how to create a simple slider using Splide.js. ①Load required libraries from CDN Here, we are using the latest version, ver4, as of February 2024.You can always check the latest version of Splide.js here. […]

How to create tabs with Swiper.js

tab menu

Swiper.js is originally a JavaScript library for creating sliders, but it can also be used to implement tab switching menus.In this article, we will explain how to do that. We are going to pursue the matter on the premise that you know how to make normal slider with Swiper.js. So if you are new to […]

[Javascript] How to get all methods of an object

There are often times when you want to list all the methods of an object, but unfortunately such a feature does not seem to be built into Javascript at this time, and you must implement it yourself (as of February 24, 2024). This article describes how to get all the methods of an object in […]

[Swiper] Reducing the loading cost of Swiper.js to zero

Swiper.js is one of the attractive slider libraries with abundant options. However, its only weakness is its large file size, which can make the website heavier. This article describes a way to eliminate the only weakness of Swiper.js by reducing the loading cost to zero. Swiper.js is heavy Swiper.js is often said to be heavy, […]